Rumors about the Coins Hack

Is the NBA 2k Mobile Hack Fake or Scam?

Every single day we are getting e-mails and comments on of scared people, who are asking us questions like „is the NBA 2k Mobile hack fake?“ or „is it ilegal to hack the game?“ Guys, calm down. Is it legal to rip off children and teenager? We don’t think so. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone playing this game to get unlimited free coins. To save lots of time and of course lots of money!

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Well, is it a fake or not?

Absolutely not. If you are searching through the internet for just two minutes you will find so much evidence. Videos, posts, pictures, everything about the NBA 2k Mobile Coin Generator. Especially on YouTube you’ll find an amazing amount of „proof videos“. They are uncut. This is very often how the videos are looking like: Some random guy opens the game, shows you his amount of coins, close the game, open the generator/hack and starts using it. After the process is done the random guy is opening the game again and voila, the amount of coins is totally different. Everyone knows hacks and cheats exist. Do you remember Grand Theft Auto 1 for the PlayStation 1? Even in this old game there were cheats. How the heck think in 2019 there are no cheats or hacks? Actually it is totally ridiculous. The NBA 2K Mobile Coins Hack is real and it works perfectly.

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Does it mean the NBA 2k Mobile Hack is no scam?

We can only talk about our hack tool. We looked through the internet and found there are many fakes and scams around. Some people are offering fake NBA 2k Mobile Mod Apk and others are having fake generator, which are asking for your password or security question. On our website nobody is going to ask for your personal information. You only have to enter your username, on what platform you are playing and how many free coins you would like to receive. Thats it. Nothing more. We only need the information in order to identify your account. We have to know where to send the coins to, remember? However, the whole process happens automatically just within one or two minutes. We will never know your username or anything like that. Get your free coins for this game and be happy about it. It works for every iOS and Android devices. From now on there are no regrets. Get the best team and beat everyone. Your friends, your brothers and strangers. Dominate the game.

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